I can still remember the first time I voted and honestly to this day, I feel like I voted for the best President that has ever lived during my existence on this earth. In Mrs. Neeley’s 5th grade classroom I voted for Ronald Reagan. I don’t really remember why I was so drawn to him but today I could definitely say it would be because the man stood up for America and meant what he said. Now my vote didn’t count that day but every year after that I remember enjoying the opportunity to cast my vote in the presidential classroom elections and I was even more thrilled when the candidate I voted for was elected to office.

Today isn’t Election Day for president but it is a very important election day nonetheless. Today we will find out if the Republicans can over take the majority in the Senate. The Republicans already have the house majority and early indications predict them gaining more seats today at the polls. During the last few weeks of the campaign trail the candidates have made their final pushes on what they stand for. They all seem to agree there needs to be a change but we already have had six years of change from the White House and a lot of Democrats are distancing themselves from the current President. Republicans have a huge opportunity to gain the upper hand and if they do, hopefully they will bring policies that will bring true “change” for the betterment of the good ole’ USA.

There are many issues on which I’m taking with me to the polls today. I want the candidate that I vote for to help get the economy under control, to tell the government to leave my guns alone, to stay out of the pulpit, to say no to abortion, declare that marriage is between one man and one woman, put an end to ISIS terrorists, protect our soldiers and help our veterans and to seal our borders. These things are very important to my family and I believe to a lot of other Americans as well. I am lead to vote by what God tells me is important to Him. Psalm 33:12a says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”. I’m praying today that America will obey God with their vote and become “One Nation Under God once again”. For many years people were denied the right to vote but it seems now that we all have the right to do so, some of us don’t take advantage of that privilege. Some are too busy, have no clue or aren’t that interested in where our country is headed. It is our duty and our right to vote. Every vote counts! If you don’t vote, why should anyone take the time to listen to you complain about what is going on in this free country? May your vote be heard!

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” – President Ronald Reagan

Richard Crain

American Christian