The last time you were at the mall buying some of the latest fashions, did it ever cross your mind of to ask who was actually making the clothes behind that designer label? How about shopping at the grocery store? How about the latest and greatest electronic gadgets? I have to be honest I haven’t given it much thought other than if the quality of the product will hold up or not. Well last week  my eyes were opened up to what is behind a lot of the goods and services we buy here in America. New Life Baptist Church in Yoakum, Texas had the privilege of having Dr. Tomi Grover come and present a detailed look into the world of Human Trafficking. Dr. Grover is the founder of and is the author of a very informative book on human trafficking entitled “Compelled” which she released in 2013.

Dr. Grover began her presentation on Human Trafficking with some alarming facts such, as Human Trafficking is the second leading criminal industry. Human Trafficking is modern day slavery and is happening right here in America. Over 200,000 people in the U.S. every year are taken into slavery. 20,000 of those are foreigners who are trafficked into our country. 180,000 U.S. citizens are taken into slavery here in a country that is supposed to be free from this type of activity. 50% of those taken into bondage are children. 27 million people worldwide are slaves today. The two types of trafficking are labor and sex. As I alluded to before the types of things we purchase come at an extreme cost. The clothes we wear may be being made by someone who was once living free just like you and I. The Sex Trafficking industry is made up of porn and prostitution and is the direct result of America being sexualized through consumer products. Dr. Grover described to those in attendance the way a slave trader or pimp will trick young women into prostitution. The pimp will take the role as a loving boyfriend who will buy the young naïve girl things to show his fake love for her. He will then ask her to prostitute herself to repay a debt for him. The young girl will do it because she doesn’t want to lose the love of her new and older man. This poor girl is then trapped into the Sex Trafficking world all because she thought she was truly being loved. The other type is the porn industry and it is attacking our young girls and boys by telling them what their bodies should look like to appeal to the opposite sex. The porn industry sales sex and America is buying it up at whatever the cost. There is a global demand to have sex with children. Yes, you read that right and it gets worse. Did you know that America is the number one place in the world in which people are coming so they may live out this evil desire? Pornography and child abuse are stealing our children’s youth. These crimes need to come to a stop.

This is with a doubt a Public Health Awareness Issue that we must respond to. Dr. Grover quoted William Wilberforce when he said, “You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you didn’t know.” After reading this article you will definitely be unable to say that you didn’t know there was a problem right here in the State of Texas. Dr. Grover details out a four-tier plan in her book. The first step is Prevention. We must put a stop to our children being sold into prostitution. We must put an end to porn. Step two is Intervention. We can help advocate for changes in laws which permit these crimes to be possible. The third step is Education. We must first get edified ourselves so that we can go tell others about what is going on with Human Trafficking and how we can be part of the solution. The final step is Restoration. Once these victims are rescued from the clinches of hell they need a place to go so they can heal and be restored. We hear so many times when dark things like this occur, where is God? Why would a loving God allow such things to happen to good people? One of the first things Dr. Grover said in her presentation was that America has a “love” problem. God doesn’t have a problem with loving us but on the other hand it us who often push God away until desperation sets in or say we don’t need any help at all. Human Trafficking is a desperate sin that needs God’s love so the rescue process may begin. Dr. Grover made it very clear that God is concerned and He is responding. In Exodus chapter 3 God says, “I AM seeing, I AM hearing the cries of my children, and I AM compassionately responding.” Dr. Grover said, “We are God’s A team!” God’s response is to send us in to serve as His healing agent. Human Trafficking can be stopped and it starts with YOU! “The very first thing we must do is Pray”, said Dr. Grover.

In closing, I highly recommend Dr. Tomi Grover’s book “Compelled”. The book is filled with so many resources to help get you further informed on the issue of “Human Trafficking”. I also suggest you visiting her website: to get more detailed information. You can also visit

Richard Crain

American Christian