Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! I’m charged up about the match-up this year between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots come into the Super Bowl under a lot of pressure from the NFL to answer charges of whether they knowingly deflated footballs that were used in their championship game vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Whether they did or not will not be decided until after Super Bowl has been completed, so “Deflate Gate” is being put on hold by me for now. For the record, if they did cheat I hope the punishment fits the crime! Back to the game! I’m looking forward to seeing one of the greatest offensive leaders in the history of the NFL in Tom Brady, lead his team into battle against one of the most dominant defensive teams in NFL history led by there smothering secondary who is led by their outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman. For the record I believe defense wins championships and for that reason I’m going with the Seahawks winning 28-24 over the Patriots. This will be an epic game. (It won’t take much to beat last year’s game when the Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos.)

Another reason to look forward to the big game is that it is a time to hang out with new and old friends, eat some commercial branded food, judge the commercials and truly have a joy filled time rooting for the team you want to win. Joy is so hard to find sometimes because of the world we live in today. Whether it’s the stress of our jobs, craziness at school, busyness at home or just the fact that world is constantly attacking us from all directions. I believe we can find joy, not the temporary joy that this game will bring or buying a new “thing” can bring but the type I want to point you to is a long term joy and that joy is found in the Bible. In the Bible I read of Jesus who saved me from my sins and He wants to do this for you as well. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This verse is part of the Great Commission, not the Great Suggestion. When I read this I find myself overcome with joy that someone was obedient to God’s marching orders and shared these life saving words with me. So, this year during halftime of the Super Bowl we’re choosing to use our halftime as a time to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who attends our Super Bowl Party. As we fellowship, my hope is that you will do the same at your party. I hope a conversation starts from your obedience to the Lord that leads someone (or many) to salvation. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you have the joy of Christ in your heart.


God Bless,

Richard Crain, American Christian